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Welcome to Mahtomedi Football 2020

Hello Zephyr football families!


We hope summer has given everyone a chance to enjoy the many activities warm weather allows for and time to relax amidst an environment that has been challenging in many regards. As promised, the ZYFA board has continued to monitor and discuss information and guidance around youth sports and the limited information specific to youth football programs. The board has come to the decision by way of majority vote to cancel ZYFA youth football programs for the fall of 2020. The primary factors informing this decision were: health and safety of players and community, level of other member association participation in Metro East Youth Football League (MEYFL) and logistics required to initiate and sustain a season in the current environment. A very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you and your players for staying engaged throughout the 2020 decision making process! This was a difficult decision and not unanimous, but we believe our football community will have the opportunity to enjoy a safe and successful return to football in 2021. Following is a Q and A that may provide helpful information:


Q: Are nearby communities offering youth football programs in 2020?

A: Yes. As a MEYFL participant, we have direct knowledge of other MEYFL member associations that are proceeding with youth football in 2020. However, the majority of MEYFL member associations will not be offering football in 2020.


Q: Were in-house or other alternative options considered or possible for 2020?

A: ZYFA will not be offering in-house football and does not have plans for alternative programs in 2020. These options were considered and included in the vote to not offer ZYFA football programs in 2020.


Q: Does the 2020 season cancelation include flag-football?

A: Yes. ZYFA flag-football has been canceled for 2020.


Q: Can my child play football in 2020 with another football association?

A: ZYFA loves football and if you/your child desires to pursue this possibility we encourage you to do so. Having discussed this possibility ZYFA is working to develop a waiver to release players to another association upon request.


Q: If I completed the 2020 registration process for my child, will I be charged a registration fee?

A: No. There will be no charge to the credit/debit card provided during registration.  


Q: MSHSL moved the high school season to spring. Will there be ZYFA youth football in spring 2021?

A: ZYFA does not currently have plans for a spring 2021 season. We will continue to meet as a board, discuss future programming and communicate program information to our ZYFA family email distribution list. 


Mahtomedi Football Association